Asian Seafood Wedding Banquet

Silver Pearl is known for its freshly cooked Asian seafood wedding banquet.

The Asian Seafood Wedding Banquet symbolises a prosperous life for the newlyweds and their family, which Silver Pearl continues to specialise in up to this day. The foods traditionally served at Chinese wedding banquets symbolise happiness, longevity and fertility through the names, colours, and flavours of the food.

A traditional Chinese wedding banquet has eight to nine dishes, excluding dessert, fruit and wedding cake.

Eight is a lucky number to the Southern Chinese because the sound of “8” rhymes with the words for “to prosper,” “good luck,” and fertility, while “9” rhymes with long life.

Silver Pearl honours the tradition of past generations through its renowned 8+ Chinese wedding banquet menu served in its newly revamped wedding venue. Expect all the classic flavours of Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine served in our beautifully revamped venue.

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